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In 2013 Ms. Moriah was asked by a friend to teach her two youngest girls to dance. Ms. Moriah was expecting a baby, and the only available place was her living room but to Katie, those were just small hurdles and she invited two other families to join the dance class.

That year, Ms. Moriah had six delightful little dancers. After a while, Katie’s youngest daughter (6 years old) said with great determination, “Ms. Moriah we need a real dance studio, with mirrors, and we need to have a real recital so my friends can come." Of course Ms. Moriah agreed with her! She couldn’t get all of her requests done yet but a "recital" was soon held in her living room. It was a lot of fun plus her ballerinas were fantastic!

A few months later Katie and most of her family unexpectedly left this Earth. The day after the funeral, Moriah and Mike signed the papers for their new home and plans to transform their garage was underway. The invitation to join the little dance group went up on Facebook. They expected possibly 30 dancers to sign up but enrolled 60 new students within 3 days! She outfitted her garage with mirrors and made the perfect space for her dancers. The MDSA family grew to 80 students by the end of that year and just like they outgrew her living room, they outgrew her garage. Currently, the studio utilizes 9,700 sq ft, offering classes to over 200 students. 


Katie and her family are missed by many people every single day. Our motto "BE" DANCE comes from the first letters of the names of those sweet dancers we lost the summer of 2014, Becca and Emily.

The “B” of BE Dance stands for being dedicated and driven, and consistently being willing to improve his or her talents. The “E” of BE Dance stands for enthusiasm and a cheerful attitude, the dancer is excited, kind and respectful of those he or she encounters.

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