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Tracy Adams

Hip Hop, Fitness, Contemporary Instructor

Tracy is a native to the island of Jamaica and a Houstonian growing up.  She is the middle sibling of three and a daughter to an amazingly strong brown skinned woman. Her mother's drive propelled them to the "Land of opportunity. Her faith guided them and her moxie made them strong.

Tracy began her elementary education in the states in 2nd grade. Growing up in Alief Texas wasn't easy. In search of a fresh start, her family moved out to newly developing city of Katy when Tracy was fifteen. After gaining her High School Diploma from Katy High School, she ventured to the University of Houston Main Campus with her sights set on becoming an Industrial Engineer. After six years of course work, a few internships, and a shift in her career pathway Tracy joyfully completed her course work. Tracy obtained a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain & Logistics Technology and a Minor in Dance on May 10th 2008 from the University of Houston.

After graduation Tracy attempted a few industry temp positions but was unsatisfied. She longed for a career that would grant her interpersonal relationships, flexibility, onward thinking, continued development, growth and movement. Tracy then became a full-time contract dance instructor for Vibe Dance and Fitness in Houston. She taught a variety of dance genres: Ballet/Tap combination, Creative Movement, Jazz, Hip-Hop, beginner Ballroom and Salsa classes. After five years of teaching dance, Tracy realized that educating others had been a passion she couldn't ignore any longer and becoming certified was necessary. Through A+ Texas Teachers Tracy completed the program and earned her certification in Early Childhood through sixth, Special Education through twelfth, and English as a Second Language during the month of February 2013. During this time of transition, Tracy gained two years as an Early Childhood Paraprofessional at Gabriela Mistral and three years of experience as a Prekindergarten educator at MacGregor Elementary School through HISD.

After teaching for five years, Tracy returned to school and obtained her Masters in Business Administration-Energy Leadership from Texas A&M Texarkana. At the age of 31 she finally began her own family. They purchased their home in Klein and her family has grown. With all that has happened in her life, Tracy was uncertain she would be strong enough, wise enough or equipped to become a Mom. Reflecting on her Mother's teachings, love and strength, Tracy knows now that she had been preparing her all her life for this. So she walked forward with assurance and joy as a wife and a proud Mother to two wonderful beings. Family life...never a dull moment! Things are always in constant motion. There's plenty to do and learn.  Tracy is currently employed by Spring Independent School District and have been for the past four years. June will mark my fifth year in this district. She has also been a part of MDSA as a part-time dance instructor. Outside of work, Tracy possess talents in fitness, cross country, volleyball, basketball, dance, gardening, cooking, theater, scrap-booking, and art. She is passionate, grateful and overjoyed to be able to share her knowledge, experiences, and talents with others.

Tracy Adams
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