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Dance, music, and other art programs can change lives, benefit and enrich children.

MDSA aims for every child and adult who has the desire, should be able to experience the arts. We believe that parents with several children should not have to choose just one child to experience the arts due to financial inability. The MDSA Foundation has a fund for merit and need based scholarships to assist in making these goals possible.


         Male dancers enrolled at the Moriah Davis School of the Arts receive discounted tuition. The small proportion of boys to girls at the studio and in studios all around Houston has been noted. 
In May 2020 we developed a scholarship program to encourage families who otherwise may be hesitant to further their young man’s training. 

Boys breathe new energy and life into our studio. Our goal is to up the training of these boys to create strong and life-long performers.

Boys Tuition: Take a dance, acting, or tumbling class. Receive a scholarship for a second class in a different genre.

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