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by Ms. Moriah, The Moriah Davis School of the Arts

President of the MDSA Foundation

I grew up dancing. In high school I was constantly taking a dance class, performing in a play or dreaming of one day of owning my own studio. In college, I again found myself dancing and performing. After getting married to wonderful and very talented man, my dream changed. I wanted to be a mom and spend time with my family. So I put the dream of owning a dance studio on hold.

In 2013 a good friend, soon to be great friend, insisted that I teach her two young girls to dance. She had never seen me dance, I had no where to do it but in my living room, and I was pregnant. She, of course, ignored my excuses and invited two other families to join us. So my first year I had six delightful little dancers. It had been awhile since I had put on my dance shoes and I was nervous that I had forgotten everything. However, I was amazed at how easy it was to get back into the swing of things.


We decided to do it again the next year. After moving to a new house and again practicing in my living room, this same dear friend's youngest daughter (6yrs old) was not content with our make-shift dance room. One day she came up to me with great determination, "Ms. Moriah we need a real dance studio, with mirrors, and we need to have a real recital like on Despicable Me." Of course I agreed with her. After all, she was her mother's daughter and there was no way I was going to get her to change her mind. We were renting our house at the time but I told her as soon as we bought this home we would transform the garage into a real dance studio. We did hold a "recital" in my living room and it was a lot of fun. The girls did fantastic!

A few months later my friend and most of her family, including my two sweet dancers, left this earth. My heart ached, but all I could think of was that request for a "real" dance studio by my determined ballerina. The day after the funeral, we signed on our home and the invitation to join our little group went up on Facebook. I expected maybe 30 dancers to sign up. I enrolled 60 within 3 days. I was blown away! (I think that sweet family might have been whispering into some ears here on earth.) Our MDSA family grew to 80 students by the end of the year! And just like we outgrew my living room, we outgrown my garage. We are started a new adventure in a fantastic new facility. I've decided my new dream is to keep trying to be a great mom, share my love of the arts with everyone, and have fun!


Our motto "BE" DANCE comes from the first letters of the names of those sweet dancers we lost the summer of 2014. 

BE Dance Scholarship

Each year MDSA will be awarding two scholarships (August-May) in honor of our sweet dancers who are no longer with us.  The scholarships will be awarded to individuals who showcase the spirit of BE Dance.  The “B” of  BE Dance comes from a dancer being dedicated and driven, and consistently being willing to improve his or her talents. The “E” of BE Dance comes from a dancers enthusiasm and cheerful attitude, the dancer is excited, kind and respectful of those he or she encounters.

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