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The MDSA Performance Team is made up of dedicated students ranging in age from three to sixteen years old. Performing is the emphasis of this team. 
Dance is a performing art and is meant to be shared with other people. The Performance team is a group of dancers traveling throughout the community to share their talent and hard work in places such as retirement centers, festivals, and other community events. We also do an annual summer tour where our students can experience the culture and history of different parts of America and perform for new audiences. 
We take training very seriously and believe teamwork and camaraderie are skills needed not only in dance class, but also school, future careers, and family life. Preparing for a performance also is a way for dancers to work on retention/ memorization skills, rhythm, technique, and much more. 
Athletes have tournaments and games, and dancers have performances! The months spent preparing for a performance teaches students how to work towards a goal! 
Our performers are committed to being a part of the team. This includes coming to class on time, ready for hard work. Dancers build trust and communicate with each other. They have an unspoken agreement to learn and perfect their choreography, and put in 100% effort into every class and performance. 
Most of all, being on MDSA Performance Team provides lifelong memories.

Introducing our 22-23 Team!

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