Leilani Headshot.jpg

Product Manager

Leilani has been teaching art at MDSA since the studio opened its doors. This year she has also become the resident yoga instructor.  Leilani was born on the Island of Oahu, where the rich heritage, museums and beautiful nature still inspires her art. She graduated with a BFA in art specializing in printmaking and drawing from California State University at Long Beach. 

Her special talent is life drawing in which she won two scholarships and some awards as well. She even considered becoming a medical text book illustrator for a while! Memorizing the placement, names, and shapes of all of our body’s muscles and bones, and the way they work together is fascinating to her. 

Leilani is happily married and has been a foster parent to many children. She has tried to instill in them skills to live life as well as building their self-esteem and love. These are lessons she brings to her classes and students as well. She hopes to inspire them to see the world in a new light and encourages them to “color outside the lines”.

Leilani Jensen