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Acro tumbling

Kristina learned tumbling as a youth while growing up in Colorado. She studied education at Sam Houston State and taught high school as a social studies teacher before she became a stay at home mom with her four kids. Her oldest daughter’s love for dance and ballet (rather than tumbling) brought her to MDSA where she met Moriah. Kristina has been studying techniques and helping her older kids with improving flexibility and building not just tumbling but Acro skills at home and successful enough that Moriah has asked she help younger kids in the studio improve theirs. Being a mother of four active kids, her focus and experience is on muscle development and safety at all times while building techniques with her students. When she is not at the studio, Kristina teaches piano and violin lessons in her home, substitutes school classes of all ages and types and is very involved with her kids at school and home.

Kristina De La Torre

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