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Graphic Design, Web Manager, Office Administrator

Emalie Beckstrand

Emalie, or Ema, has always loved the Arts. She was drawing & painting from a young age and started taking recreational dance classes at age 7 in Mesa, Arizona. Emalie met Moriah at her local church organization in 2014 and began as a volunteer aid for Moriah's garage studio, eventually helping with online & office work as MDSA made the move to our current location. Now she assists Moriah with running the Studio, as well as anything else she needs. Emalie's experience goes beyond the office and into the classroom, aiding for kindergarten and preschool classes, teaching children's yoga, and substituting for beginner ballet classes at MDSA. She has a Bachelors from Utah State University in Human Experience Design and Interaction with an emphasis in multimedia production and marketing. 

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