Graphic Design, Web Manager, Office Administrator

Emalie, or Ema, has always loved the Arts. She was drawing & painting from a young age and started taking dance at age 7 in Mesa, Arizona. As the oldest of 6 children, Emalie also loves interacting with children and organizing  She took recreational Ballet/Lyrical for 6 years before moving out of country with her family to Shanghai, China. This interrupted her education in dance, but began a more interested practice in drawing & painting. After living in Shanghai for 13 months, Emalie returned to the States and volunteered as a Kindergarten Teacher aid in a small town in Nevada. Her family then made the move to Spring, Texas in August, 2014 where she met Moriah at her local church organization.

Emalie first began as a volunteer aid for Moriah in her Garage Studio, eventually helping with online & office work as MDSA made the move to our current location. Now she assists Moriah with running the Studio, as well as anything else she needs. She also taught the Preschool aged Yoga before leaving on an 18 month LDS Mission, July 2017-January 2019. She is currently attending Utah State University in a Pre-Art program. Although she continues to work for the Studio from Utah, she plans to return to Texas & the Studio following graduation.

Emalie Beckstrand