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Spring 2024 Recital

Location: MDSA (100 Cypresswood Dr, Suite #1440, Spring TX 77388) Time: TBD

This annual performance is not only fun, but it's an opportunity for students to be confident in who they are and their amazing abilities. Our students & teachers are excited for family to see what they have been working on this past dance year. 


This section includes (1) Class Name and teacher, (2) Class Student list, (3) Hair and Makeup requirements, and (4) Dress Rehearsal & Picture time.
The schedule is organized by the performance time and arrival time, 35 minutes before performance.

**Do not come earlier or more than 5 minutes late for your scheduled arrival time.**
If you have questions please contact Samantha, or 832-447-9532. 

Makeup & Hair

This section includes (1) Traditional Makeup explanation and tutorials, and (2) hair tutorials.

Dress Rehearsal Explanation

Please refer to this information for your child's picture day/dress rehearsal.

Reminder: all Dress Rehearsals & the Recital is taking place at the Studio.

Each student will need to come with hair done, full makeup and with required tights and shoes.

• Please make sure you have all costume pieces for which you are responsible. This includes shoes, tights, and skin colored undergarments. Some tights are available for purchase in studio.

Remove ALL nail polish (fingers & toes)!!

• Dancers typically DO NOT wear underwear with their costumes, this is why they wear tights. If this makes your dancer uncomfortable, please provide them with the proper skin toned underwear.

This does NOT apply to our boy dancers. Please have boys wear underwear.


  • Classes do not end with recital!

  • Classes will be held every week through May with new content and new skills. 

  • May is Bring a Friend for Free!


We are eager to share with you all the hard work your amazing students have put in this past year!

Schedule (location: the Studio)
(Wed) Jazz 4
(Wed) Clogging Beg/Int
(Wed) Ballet Transition 5-7
(Tues) Rec Ballet 7-12
(Wed) Clogging Int/Adv
(Tues) Ballet 1 7-11
(Fri) Ballet 4
(Wed) Princess Ballet
(Thurs) Contemporary 2
(Fri) Ballet Comp- Ella & Ellie
(Tues) Ballet 4
(Wed) Adult Clogging
(Fri) Ballet 2
(Fri) Ballet Comp- Group
(Fri) Tap 1 6-8
(Fri) Beginnin Tap
(Mon) Jazz 3
(Tues) Princess Ballet
(Mon) Ballt 3
(Thurs) Contemporary 1
(Wed) Jazz 2
(Fri) Advanced Tap
Competition Group
(Thurs) Princess Ballet
(Fri) Ballet Comp - Kalani
(Fri) Ballet Comp- Amber
(Thurs) Contemporay 3/4
(Wed) Jazz 1 7-11
(Wed) Ballet 2
(Fri) Ballet Comp- Autumn
(Mon) Youth Ballroom
(Thurs) Ballet 1 7-11
(Mon) Ballet Transitition
(Fri) Ballet Comp- Maggi & Niyah
(Fri) Hip Hop Minis
(Fri) Ballet Comp- Megan & Emmy
(Fri) Hip Hop Juniors
(Thurs) Hip Hop Teen
(Wed) Super Hero Tumblers
(Tues) Acro Level 1
(Tues) Acro Level 2
(Tues) Acro Level 3
(Tues) Boys Acro-Tumbling
Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair

This section includes (1) Traditional Makeup explanation and tutorials, and (2) hair tutorials.

Traditional Makeup: 

  • Mascara

  • Blush

  • Lipstick or tinted gloss*

  • Neutral Eye Shadow Eyeliner 

*We encourage all of our  performers to wear makeup on stage.

However, the use of makeup is at the parent's discretion. 

*Lipstick Color Examples

Brands are suggestions, NOT required.

  • Light Pink: CoverGirl, Rose Quartz

    • Pick the Rose Quartz option. Link takes you to the Its Your Mauve option.​

  • Dark Pink: Maybelline, Pink for Me

Bun Tutorials: 

  • How to Make the Perfect Bun

  • Premier School of Dance: How to do a simple ballet bun

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 4.10.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 4.21.38 PM.png
Light Pink: Rose Quartz
Dark Pink: Pink for Me
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