MDSA offers a wide variety of programs to enrich your summer!

2021 Schedule

Summer Classes:

Our summer session is 8 weeks long. Because of the short session, summer is an excellent time to try a new dance style! Dancers of all ability levels and style interests will improve their skills. Summer session will help current dancers continue their training throughout the summer months and introduce new students to the basics of dance.

Single Day Workshops:

During the summer, Every Monday is Funday here at MDSA. From 9-1 each Monday you can choose a new experience with our fun summer workshops. 


Due to the current pandemic, Storytime has been postponed until Summer 2022.

Free Community Fitness Classes: 

We have free adult fitness classes year round but in the summer we invite our high school friends who are 16+ to join us!


Weekly Summer Classes

Age Cut Off: May 1st, 2022

Registration for our Summer Classes is now open! Classes for this 8 Week Session begin June 6th and go through July 28th. Be sure to checkout our Monday Workshops for even more fun!!

A $15 (non-refundable) Registration fee per child is due at the time of enrollment. 


Monday Workshops

Mondays • 9 AM to 1 PM

$40/Workshop • Register for 8 Camps: Fall 2021 Registration fee is waived!

Be sure to bring a lunch and water bottle with your student's name on them for these fun packed days! 

*We know that mornings can be rough so if you forget your child’s lunch, don’t worry! We will have Lunchables available for $3 and waters for $.50 along with all the usual MDSA snack offerings.

**There is no registration fee for Monday Workshops; Summer Deal- Any family or student that registers for 8 Workshops will have Fall 2021 Registration fee waived.

Scroll over the pictures for more information!

Art Fun

Ages 6-11 June 21

Be ready to try new things!

Art Fun is a workshop that will explore paint and mixed media. Several lessons and opportunities will be presented to students who will create and be able to take home and proudly display their masterpieces.
Whether you are new to art or a junior DaVinci, you will have success with our guided instruction and have fun learning skills you can take with you and keep practicing even after camp is over!

Class Attire: Come with comfy clothes - The paint is a washable paint but we still encourage play clothes that can get messy.

Creative Journaling & Scrapbooking

Come out to this camp to create fun scrapbook and journaling layouts!

Ages 11-17 July 19

This is a time to turn pictures, memories, and thoughts into one-of-a-kind works of art. We will use various supplies including scrapbook paper, stickers, markers, paint, washi tape, stencils, magazines, and found objects.

Feel free to bring pictures and any of your own favorite supplies if you'd like. We will be providing all of the before mentioned supplies though. Come out and get creative!

Art Workshop Website Ad.jpg
Art Workshop

Ages 8-16 July 19

No matter what your skill level or aspirations might be, you will find a great fit here at MDSA as you uncover your inner artist.  


Our skilled instructor will serve as a mentor as the class explores the interesting aspects of composition, perspective, dimension, and design while bringing their ideas to life though various mediums.

Art Fun
Ballet Workshops Website Ad.jpg

Prerequisite: Taken multiple ballet classes/week for this last season, is at least 11 years old.


Ballet 3 & 4: One Day Intensive

Ages 11+ July 19

Take part in our ballet workshop emphasizing core technical elements of flexibility, strength and alignment, combined with a focus on choreography, dance terminology, dance history, injury prevention, and other related topics. The purpose of this workshop is to provide students with a condensed opportunity to enhance their training.

Strength & Conditioning Website Ad.jpg
Choreography: Strength & Conditioning

Ages 10-17  July 26

This workshop is one of the most requested by students. We are offering it once in June and once in July. Take one or both! 

Students will spend part of the morning learning how to choreograph their own dances and the remaining part of the day will be spent working the muscles dancers use most!

Choreography + Strength and Conditioning will be intense. Bring lots of water, a towel, and socks and athletic shoes as well!

Class Attire: Come with comfy clothes - The paint is a washable paint but we still encourage play clothes that can get messy.

Fancy Dancy

Ages 3-6 June 14

We will be taking the fabulous book series, Fancy Nancy, and turning it into real life.

Imagine the adventurous delight your child will have during this fun-filled morning. Crafts, stories, pirouettes, tea parties, dress up and more!

Luau Workshop.png
Luau Fun

Ages 3-8 July 12

Feel free to dress in your favorite aloha attire.

Aloha! We welcome you to MDSA where
everyone is ohana.

Students will sail from activity to activity in this tropical themed day camp.

We will play games, do art projects, and learn dances from the islands.

Princess Camp

Ages 3-6 June 21

Not to be mistaken with our Princess Ballet Workshop!

Experience MDSA's Princess Camp on June 21st! Princes are welcome too! Pretend, hear exciting stories, crafts, dance, and have a tea party!

*Bring a ziplock labeled with the dancer’s name, filled with a pair of extra clothes. We don’t plan on needing the clothes but would like them on hand just in case.*

Field Day Web Ad.jpg
Field Day

Ages 3-6 July 19

Adventure and friendship will be be the stars of this day camp!


It will be a physically active day filled with fun and silly activities. There will be games and relays that the kids will absolutely love. 

Be sure to have children wear shoes

and socks.

Hip Hop Party Website Ad.jpg
Hip Hop Party

Class Attire: Any non-revealing top
& pants may be worn
(No cleavage or mid-drifts)

Hip Hop sneakers or clean tennis shoes.

All positive, family-friendly music,
non-suggestive lyrics, high energy, and
tons of fun. 

Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform the moves. It is a very high-energy class.

Hip hop infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. 

Class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous warm-up.

Ages 8+ July 12

Science Workshop Web Ad.jpg
Superheros Web Ad.jpg
Super Hero Day Camp

Ages 5-10 July 26

Have a wonderful morning with a surprise guest!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Superhero!

Imaginations will run wild during MDSA’s super fun superhero day-camp. They will train with the obstacle courses, create with arts and crafts, and more!