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The Moriah Davis School of The Arts is home to the award winning MDSA Competition Team. Membership on this team is by audition for our Performance Company only. Auditions for our Performance Company and Competition Team are held each year in May. MDSA Competition Team members stand out in their classes with their drive for learning and their ability to take on new challenges.

If this sounds like your student please see Ms. Moriah for more information. 

Our Competition Team teaches dancers the value of hard work and responsibility of belonging to a team. We teach our dancers that working hard towards a common goal is not only rewarding but valuable in all areas of life. To be a member of our team you need to have a drive for dance and also helping your team grow. We are a family that holds the BE Dance motto in our highest regard, members are expected to be familiar with and abide by this motto. 

Dancers will be able to compete at 3-4 Regional Competitions and 1 National Competition. We will also perform in our community as well as studio events. Dancers will be required to attend Performance Company as well as Competition Team events, performances, classes, and rehearsals.

We love having new members and seeing our team grow!
Membership in the MDSA Competition Team is an honor and responsibility. There is a large time and financial commitment that comes with being on our team.
If you or your dancer are interested in joining, contact Ms. Moriah at with COMP TEAM in the subject line. 

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